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Our Mission

It is our mission is to assist fallen bikers, passengers, and their families with short and long term needs ranging from medical, household, or lending a helping hand while they regain normalcy after their accident.

Our Vision

Our vision is to implement a pay it forward program among bikers to help our fellow brothers, sisters, and their families return to normalcy after a motorcycle accident. We promote biker safety awareness through community education.

Our Goal

Our goal is to work with local businesses who wish to donate their services to assisting bikers, passengers, and families with common everyday tasks i.e. house cleaning, yard work, or simple home maintenance/repair.



We all know that horrible feeling when we get the news that someone we know or love has been in an accident. In recent years, it doesn’t seem to be a matter of if… but when.

When we get the news that a friend or loved one has been in an accident, there is a sense of urgency, we want to help, but don’t know how or where to start.

Our organization is run entirely by volunteers who are dedicated to this cause.  We dedicate our time, money and skills to advance our cause and our mission. From holding fundraisers, poker runs to making dinners, yard work, household chores, or just being that friend on the other end of the line that will listen.

It makes no difference what you ride, if you ride or who you ride with, it’s all about giving back to the biker community.

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We Are Biker In Distress

Serving Fallen Riders In Northern Colorado

Everyone knows someone that has been in a motorcycle accident, whether in your own family or a friend of a friend. Preliminary data from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) indicates that in 2015 there were 545 traffic fatalities in Colorado and motorcycle fatalities hit an all-time record high of 104 deaths last year.

When this type of tragedy strikes, it causes a ripple effect through the family and community.  A new set of possible challenges presents themselves:  medical care, loss of income, financial hardship, as well as mental and emotional strain.

Here at BID, we stand at the ready to lend support to our fallen friends and family. We are prepared to lend our physical, emotional and financial support to the spouses, children and parents of fallen bikers in their time of need.

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2018 BID Board

Roger Schmidt, Stephanie Farris, Mitzi Trujillo and George Trujillo.

Personal Stories

What would you risk for the freedom of riding the open road on two wheels? What would you be willing to give up for one more day in the wind?

Perhaps these aren’t the thoughts that go through our minds each time the engine fires and the gloves go on, but there are times when every motorcyclist pauses to reflect. Sometimes the moment comes while we’re alone in our helmets or when surrounded by those we most enjoy being with on the road. And when we pause to reflect on life’s great questions and the precious few answers our kind has stumbled upon, we inevitably come to the mortality of our predicament and the very un-philosophical question: What happens if I go down?

Mariana Markheim

“I don’t know what I would have done without your support and generosity.”

Mark Lyons

“We are forever grateful for the generosity and will continue to support the BID organization!”

Dwayne Farris

“Amazed at the loving care & compassion that the members of BID has given my family.”

Our Family