Who We  Are

Biker In Distress, Inc. aka B.I.D. is a 501(c)3 giving non-profit status.

Our goal is to work with local businesses who wish to donate their services to assisting bikers, passengers, and families with common everyday tasks i.e. house cleaning, yard work, or simple home maintenance/repair. We hope that anyone B.I.D. assists will in turn help B.I.D. by volunteering with the organization and pay it forward to another family when the time arises.

B.I.D. will not give money directly to anyone. Our organization will assist with some bills from the date of the accident by paying the monies directly to the creditors on behalf of the person or family.

No one on the B.I.D. Leadership Board receives any compensation or salary for their time or service that they put towards this organization. We as a Leadership Board feel strongly that the majority of our funds go directly to helping those in need.

The BID Board
Stephanie Farris, Mary-Kay Deveraux, Roger Schmidt, Mitzi Trujillo,
George Trujillo and Celeste Cacchione.

B.I.D. Leadership Board

Roger Schmidt

President & Founder

Mary-Kay Deveraux

Vice President & Marketing

Mitzi Trujillo


George Trujillo

Ride Captain

Stephanie Farris

Web Master & Digital Technology

Celeste Cacchione

Assistant Ride Captain