Dwayne Farris

My wife and I have a passion for motorcycles and it was a beautiful day in Denver (almost 70 degrees – in MARCH!!!) so we set out for a ride. There were tons of motorcycles out taking advantage of this beautiful weather. We had just gotten my wife’s bike back from a custom paint job and she was driving me crazy to go for a ride.

Just 10 minutes into the ride a large truck stuck in a traffic jam decided to make an illegal u-turn. I swerved to avoid the contact, as the driver accelerated into the turn, taking me and my bike with him. My wife was behind me on her bike, fortunately unharmed physically, told me that I was pulled under the front of the truck and when the back wheel grabbed it shot me and my ride into the air and I came to came to rest under my bike, leg shattered and barely still connected to my body.

It took the ambulance and emergency team about 30 minutes to make it through the traffic to transport me to Denver Health. I was rushed to surgery upon arrival to the hospital where they had pins placed into my leg to try to reconnect and stabilize the injury.

In the first four days following the surgery I had four very extensive surgeries initially in attempts to save my leg, later to cut out dead bone and finally for reconstruction and skin grafts.

My wife reached out to Biker in Distress from the waiting room of the first surgery the night of the accident.  The young lady that spoke to my wife, we will never forget.  She too had been through a motorcycle trauma of her own, resulting in the loss of her husband.  She knew the feelings – the frustration – the fear that my wife must have felt and she knew exactly what to say to bring it all into perspective.  My wife to this day doesn’t know how she would have gotten through that night without her BID angel.   It is something we will never be able to repay or explain what it meant.

BID stepped in and helped us out with bills because as the bread winner, we were in a HUGE financial mess.   The support that BID offers is so much more then “just” financial, as much as that helps.  They have welcomed us into the family and are always there to answer questions, talk and often just listen.

It’s been 5 months since the accident, I am still not allowed to work but I had been going through PT and learning how to walk again, we thought we were at the end of this dark tunnel when an x-ray revealed that the bone is not growing back and I had to return to surgery for a bone marrow transplant surgery.

BID has been with us since the beginning checking in and making sure we are ok.

We will never be able to repay all that BID has done for us and we will be forever grateful.

Thank you,

Dwayne Farris