Mariana MarkheimI was visiting with some friends and fellow bikers in Loveland who were participating in a benefit poker run for a lady suffering from stage 4 breast cancer. I had my boys for the weekend so I decided not to participate in the poker run but wanted to meet up with everyone at the last stop to visit and show my support.

On my way home, a lady in her car took my right of way and I ended up T-boning her. Thankfully, I don’t remember the accident itself but I suffered severe injuries that would forever change my life.

I was in the hospital for a total of 5 weeks. Having endured half a dozen surgeries to save my leg and several, ongoing, months of rehabilitation, I only had to focus on healing and getting better.

Biker in Distress was there for me for everything else. They got my bike from the towing company and took it to a friend of mine to avoid additional storage fees. They brought me supplies to the hospital and emotional support throughout my stay there. They also purchased groceries for me prior to my release from the hospital and took them to my home, so when they picked me up from the hospital I had plenty of easy to fix meals for my children and myself.

I have made slow but steady progress. I am now learning to walk with one crutch only and I may end up having further surgeries to regain full use of my leg. It was a tragic and painful experience for me and my body may not ever be the same, but neither will my mind.

I have learned to appreciate life a little more, my children, my 4 legged companion, my friends and total strangers who have dedicated themselves to help others in times of need. Thank you so much to each and every one of you who is supporting “Biker in Distress”!

Again, I don’t know what I would have done without your support and generosity.

Forever grateful,

Mariana Markheim.