We are always looking for volunteers and donations to help our cause. Think of it as paying it forward or even as a bit of insurance for a fellow rider – or maybe even yourself.

Riding a motorcycle, like every moment in life, is a calculated risk, and sometimes the odds don’t work in our favor. Having a helping hand can make all the difference when you’re just trying to stand up, dust yourself off and get back in the saddle again.

We are very grateful to our BID Family that continues to show their support and comes out rain or shine to support our efforts!

Some helpful volunteer ideas are:

Organize Events:

  • Motorcycle runs
  • Raffles
  • BBQ’s
  • Concerts
  • Bike shows


Motorcycle parts and Gear

Skills and Services:

  • Mechanical services and advice
  • Tattoo work
  • Maintenance advice
  • Advertisements

Community Involvement:

  • Help us get the word out about events and recent news
  • Home and Hospital visits to the fallen and their families
  • Culinary Support – Prepare meals to freeze to take burden off family

Event Volunteers – Each event that BID participates in requires a lot of man hours and volunteers to coordinate successfully.   From stop managers on our poker runs, to ride captains each volunteer is a essential for us to provide the care we do.

If you’re ready to donate some of your time and energy to help us support bikers across Colorado, simply fill out the form below.

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